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Swift 3.0 Preivew 1 已發行 ( 英文 )

We are very pleased to announce Developer Preview 1 of Swift 3.0!

As described in the Swift 3.0 Release Process, developer previews (i.e., “seeds” or “betas”) provide qualified builds of Swift 3 that are more stable than just grabbing the latest snapshot of master (i.e., tip-of-trunk development). Developer previews capture Swift 3 as a work-in-progress and should not be considered the final version of Swift 3 unless otherwise stated.

Implemented Swift Evolution Proposals

The following Swift Evolution proposals are newly implemented in Swift 3.0 Preview 1:


Apple (Xcode)

Swift 3.0 Preview 1 is available for free as part of Xcode 8 beta 1.

Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.10)

Official binaries for Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.10 are available for download on


An updated version of The Swift Programming Language for Swift 3.0 is now available on It is also available for free on Apple’s iBooks store.

Foundation and Linux (Core Libraries)

Not all of the NS prefix removal changes have propagated to the Core Libraries implementation of Foundation APIs. This should be resolved in a future beta.

Migrating to Swift 3

Swift 3 is a source-breaking release over Swift 2.2.1. It contains many syntactic refinements and improvements, but also a huge number of changes for how Objective-C APIs import into Swift due to SE-0005. Please consult the migration guide for guidance and tips for migrating to Swift 3.