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Swift 3 模組最佳化 (英文)

Erik Eckstein

Whole-module optimization is an optimization mode of the Swift compiler. The performance win of whole-module optimization heavily depends on the project, but it can be up to two or even five times.


Swift 3.0 已發行 ( 英文 )

Swift 3.0, the first major release of Swift since it was open-sourced, is now officially released! Swift 3 is a huge release containing major improvements and refinements to the core language and Standard Library, major additions to the Linux port of Swift, and the first official release of the Swift Package Manager.


Xcode Playground 現在支援開源版 Swift ( 英文 )

We are delighted to introduce Xcode Playground Support as part of the Swift open source community!


Swift 3.0 Preivew 1 已發行 ( 英文 )

We are very pleased to announce Developer Preview 1 of Swift 3.0!


Swift 2.3( 英文 )

We are pleased to announce Swift 2.3!


Swift 3.0 發布流程 (英文)

This post describes the goals, release process, and estimated schedule for Swift 3.0.


Swift 2.2 新功能 (英文)

Swift 2.2 brings new syntax, new features, and some deprecations too. It is an interim release before Swift 3 comes later this year with even bigger changes, and the changes in Swift 2.2 align with the broader goals of Swift 3 to focus on gradually stabilizing the core language and Standard Library by adding missing features, refining what is already there, and removing what is no longer needed in the language. All changes in Swift 2.2 went through the community-driven Swift evolution process — where over 30 proposals have been submitted, reviewed, and accepted since Swift was open-sourced a few months ago.


Swift 2.2 已發佈! (英文)

We are very pleased to announce the release of Swift 2.2! This is the first official release of Swift since it was open-sourced on December 3, 2015. Notably, the release includes contributions from 212 non-Apple contributors — changes that span from simple bug fixes to enhancements and alterations to the core language and Swift Standard Library.


開放 Commit 權限(英文)

現在, Swift 連續整合 (CI)系統 已經證明了它的用處,我們想要讓有優良記錄的project 貢獻者得到 commit 權限。 如果你想取得commit 權限,請發送電子郵件到 code owners 並列出五個沒被修改就被接受的pull request(非淺而易見的) 。


Swift 效能測試已經開放使用(英文)

Apple’s Swift Team is happy to announce that Swift’s benchmark suite is now open source.

The suite contains source code for benchmarks, libraries, and utilities designed to help track Swift performance and catch performance regressions before they are committed, including:

  • 75 benchmarks covering a number of important Swift workloads
  • Libraries providing commonly needed benchmarking functions
  • A driver for running benchmarks and displaying performance metrics
  • A utility for comparing benchmark metrics across Swift versions

We look forward to working with the Swift community to make Swift as fast as possible!



We are excited to announce that we have rolled out continuous integration (aka, CI) for the Swift project!


Swift API 即將有重大改變(英文)

Cocoa, the Swift standard library, maybe even your own types and methods—it’s all about to change, and you can help determine how.


Swift 2.2 Release Process(英文)

This post describes the goals, release process, and estimated schedule for Swift 2.2.

Swift 2.2 is the first offical release of Swift after Swift was released as open source. It will be a mostly source-compatible release with Swift 2.1, containing a large number of core improvements (e.g., bug fixes, enhancements to diagnostics, faster generated code) without many significant visible changes to the language itself. It is intended to be an intermediate point between Swift 2 and Swift 3, with Swift 3 containing more disruptive changes to both the language and Standard Library.


Swift 3 API 設計指南(英文)

The design of commonly-used libraries has a large impact on the overall feel of a programming language. Great libraries feel like an extension of the language itself, and consistency across libraries elevates the overall development experience. To aid in the construction of great Swift libraries, one of the major goals for Swift 3 is to define a set of API design guidelines and to apply those design guidelines consistently.


移植 Swift 到 Linux(英文)

With the launch of the open source Swift project, we are also releasing a port that works with the Linux operating system! You can build it from the Swift sources or download pre-built binaries for Ubuntu. The port is still a work in progress but we’re happy to say that it is usable today for experimentation. Currently x86_64 is the only supported architecture on Linux.

繼續閱讀... Blog(英文)

Welcome to the blog on! Today we launched the open source Swift project along with the website. We couldn’t be more excited to work together in an open community to find and fix issues, add enhancements, and bring Swift to new platforms.


Swift 1.2 與 Xcode 6.3 beta

原文 : Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.3 beta

Swift 1.2和Xcode6.3測試版一起發布了。這個測試版包括效能更強的Swift編譯器,還有Swift語言的新功能。完整的修改列表,請閱讀發行說明 。此文將專注在新特色上。